Who are we?

Framework Capital Solutions is a specialist investment and advisory firm, working for both investors and capital users.

We deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our investor clients through the structuring and execution of asset-backed, special situation, and highly structured transactions, spanning a wide range of asset classes — including debt and equity (both public and private), and real estate.
We source investment capital for our corporate clients where, despite valuable underlying assets, traditional financing sources cannot provide funds in the size, timeframe, or structure required for the business.

Framework is focused on Southeast Asia and China. Our team of professionals has extensive experience doing business in the region, across a range of sectors including manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, infrastructure and property. Our relationships, track record and understanding of local practices — and of regional legal and tax issues — give our clients an advantage when investing in Asia.


Our expertise

Framework comprises professionals from bulge bracket investment banks with extensive experience and expertise in corporate finance, credit, structured finance, and legal and tax issues relating to financing. Framework’s services include:

Asset and business acquisitions
Complex transaction structuring
Private / structured debt structuring, execution, and syndication
Equity, debt and hybrid capital
Financial risk management
Due diligence and transaction


How can we help you?

Framework bridges the gap between capital users and capital providers.

If you are an investor, we can assist you in structuring and executing transactions (whether self-sourced or originated by Framework), and mitigating the country, asset specific, and counterparty risks of those transactions through appropriate holding, transaction, and security structures, and carefully considered incentive alignment measures.

If you are a business or project developer, we can assist you in raising short or long term finance against existing assets, cash flows (existing or future), or other specialized collateral by using tailored structures appropriate to both you and investors.

Please contact Framework to discuss your requirements and objectives.