Framework was established in May 2005. Since then, we have closed transactions totaling over US$1.4 billion in capital. Completed projects include:
  Competitive bid for a major regional infrastructure project – coordinated due diligence process and arranged holding, financing, and bid structures
  Acquisition of debt and assets of Philippine industrial – structured and executed acquisition financing and executed acquisition of debt and assets
  Philippine industrial structured sale and vendor financing of reconstituted company to financial investor
  Indonesian infrastructure company structured sale and vendor financing to operating company
  Indonesian resources company structured acquisition financing for strategic investor
  Arranged refinancing of a shareholder loan to the owner of a financial institution
  Structured working capital facility for United Fiber System Ltd on behalf of Natexis Banques Populaires
Selected clients
  Noonday Asset Management (Farallon Capital Management)
  Ashmore Investment Management
  Standard Chartered Principal Finance